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Atlantis Marina Replaces 400 Wood Pilings with Pearson Fiberglass Pilings

Atlantis Marina Atlantis Marina Atlantis Marina Atlantis Marina

Atlantis Marina on Paradise Island, Bahamas, is a world class facility servicing the very finest international megayachts, sportfishing yachts and long range cruising vessels. It recently replaced all 400 of its greenheart, Brazilian hardwood pilings with Pearson Fiberglass Pilings. After just ten years, the wood pilings were close to the end of their product life cycle. To minimize potential liability, ensure the safety of its visiting yachts and enhance the aesthetics of its docks, the marina upgraded to Pearson Fiberglass Pilings. Most important, the 100-year product life cycle of Pearson Pilings was seen as a smart investment, virtually eliminating the cost of replacing pilings again.

The substantial sizes of visiting vessels also helped the marina decide on Pearson Pilings, as independent tests have shown they are stronger than wood, steel or concrete pilings. The added strength of the new Atlantis docks will provide extra protection for berthed yachts during severe storm conditions.

Lastly, Pearson's smooth, perfectly shaped pilings will never suffer from splinters, rot or rust. Their attractive looks, protected from UV degradation, will add to the superior aesthetics of this world famous, state-of-the-art marina.