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South Florida Marina Goes Green

Miami's Sunset Harbor Marina Goes Green With Pearson Pilings!

MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – A Miami Beach marina is trying to set a high standard when it comes to the environment. They are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to go green with improvements they say can be beneficial for all of us.

The boats at the Sunset Harbor Marina are making sure nothing slips through the cracks during months of improvements to make sure it keeps its D.E.P clean Marina Designation.

“Each of us, as boaters, start to learn  from that and take those examples and bring us into our own lives,” said John Webster, a boater who uses a slip at the marina.

And while the project will benefit the boaters who use these slips, it can also benefit the rest of South Florida.

“Can you imagine in Miami if we could not use the water. There would be no reason to live here. There no reason to work here. There would be no reason to play here,” said Webster to CBS4’s Jorge Estevez.

Going green means less waste in the water and fewer pollutants which can affect our wild life.

“You want it clean. Who wants to see plastic bottles and waste or debris on their beaches,” said Douglas Mason, General Manager of the Sunset Harbor Yacht Club.

Among the improvements, the Marina is replacing chemically treated wood with Eco friendly decking made from recycled plastic which lasts longer. They are changing rotting wood pilings with stronger longer lasting pilings that don’t rely on cutting down trees.

The lighting is also getting renovated to use solar energy. The water quality is on the agenda with improved under water waste systems . While the changes may appear subtle, the affects will be even more life changing than we will ever see.

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