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Pearson Fiberglass Pilings Specified For Above-Grade Foundation

George Sass

Pearson Pilings Develops Eco-Friendly Monopile Pier Design

Fall River, MA (April 15, 2007) - Manufacturer of fiberglass pilings used in the marine industry as well as in the commercial and residential building industries, supplied the pilings for a new 3200 square-foot waterfront home being built 14-feet abovegrade in Fairhaven, MA.

The 10" and 14" piles were driven to a depth of 15-feet using an ICE vibratory hammer byLinberg Marine, Inc. of Fairhaven, MA. "The job went very well," says company president Jeff Linberg. "We've had previous experience working with Pearson's fiberglass pilings on an existing ferry dock in Martha's Vineyard, where we drove them over existing wood pilings to save demolition costs."

The owners of the new home, Steven and Deborah Panek, researched using materials other than wood or steel for their foundation pilings because they were concerned with maintenance issues and long-term deterioration caused by exposure to salt water. "We were building our new home for the future," comments Steven Panek," and we wanted it to be built on pilings that would last a lifetime."

Panek asked his civil engineer and architect to investigate using Pearson Fiberglass Pilingsand had them contact the company's president, Mark Pearson. "We shared our independent test data that shows the strength properties of our composite pilings are superior to similarly sized wood and steel pilings," says Pearson. "The big advantage to our pilings is that they will never rot or rust." Pearson then worked closely with Linberg Marine providing the product and technical support necessary for a successful installation.

Everett Pearson, a pioneer in the fiberglass boat building industry, recently developed this new composites technology, which allows the fiberglass pilings to be driven to maximum resistance. By using a proprietary, three-dimensional glass fabric that has exceptional shear, stiffness and strength properties, Pearson Fiberglass Pilings will better withstand the forces of Mother Nature. Equally important, these fiberglass pilings are environmentally friendly because they contain no harmful chemical preservatives that can leach into the surrounding earth or water. Impervious to insect and marine growth damage and virtually free of any water intrusion, the life expectancy of Pearson Fiberglass Pilings will never be an issue. "When you build a foundation or pier with our pilings, you'll never have to worry about replacing them," adds Mark Pearson. For more detailed product information, including technical specifications and independent engineering test reports, please contact Mark Pearson at (508) 675-0594 or visit the company's website:

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