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Pearson Pilings Develops Eco-Friendly Monopile Pier Design

George Sass

Pearson Pilings Develops Eco-Friendly Monopile Pier Design

Fall River, MA (December 20, 2006) - Pearson Pilings, LLC, manufacturer of fiberglass pilings for the marine industry as well as the commercial and residential building industries, has developed a new system for constructing monopile piers. The design reduces the number of piles required to build a pier while saving material costs and causing less disturbance to the eco-system.

Pearson's fiberglass pilings are stronger than wood or steel and are impervious to rot or rust. Their high strength and reduced weight make them ideal for such installations.

"There are a number of instances where a monopile pier provides a better solution than a traditional double-pile design," says Mark Pearson, President of Pearson Pilings. "In cases where the distance from the bulkhead to the actual dock is especially long, a monopile pier will use significantly less material and will require half the penetrations into the earth."

A good example of Pearson's monopile design is the 175-foot long residential pier recently installed on the Kickamuit River near Warren, Rhode Island. Homeowner, David Alexander, who runs an organic food company, considers himself an avid environmentalist. "The Pearson system, which requires half the number of pilings, is less invasive and presents a cleaner, lower profile than a traditional design," comments Alexander.

Construction of Alexander's pier, which features a floating dock, was done by P&C Marine, Inc. of Newport, Rhode Island. "This is a great system," says owner Chris Pacheco. "And Pearson's fiberglass pilings will never rot or rust, so these installations will look good for years and years."

Impervious to insect and marine growth damage and virtually free of any water intrusion, the life expectancy of Pearson Fiberglass Pilings will never be an issue. "When you build a new dock or pier with our pilings, you'll never have to worry about replacing them," adds Mark Pearson. "And there are no preservatives in our pilings that could be harmful to the environment."

For more detailed product information, including technical specifications and independent engineering test reports, please contact Mark Pearson at (508) 675-0594 or visit the company's website: For information about P&C Marine, please contact Chris Pacheco at 401-855-3690 or

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