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Pearson Pilings, LLC Opens for Business

Fall River, MA (December 15, 2005)

Pearson Pilings, LLC is the latest brainchild of composites pioneer, Everett Pearson. Formed in December of 2004 and headquartered in a 37,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in Fall River, Massachusetts, the company manufactures a line of fiberglass pilings for use in the construction of high quality residential and commercial docks and piers.

Years ago while working at his former company, TPI Composites in Warren, RI, Pearson experimented with manufacturing pilings and utility poles using the patented SCRIMP© process. While the products were successful from an engineering aspect, at the time they were not cost effective to manufacture.

After retiring from TPI in 2000 and buying the SwimEx division1 of TPI in 2002, Pearson continued to have interest in the viability of fiberglass pilings. He was especially encouraged by the long-term, successful results reported by the San Diego Port Authority, which installed TPI-built fiberglass pilings for their 24th Street Marine Terminal built in 1996.

Asked if he could build more fiberglass pilings and hearing of other interest in these products, Pearson decided to pursue a vigorous R&D program that eventually led to an innovative manufacturing process. A three-dimensional glass fabric was created that has exceptional shear, stiffness and strength properties, and a patent on the manufacturing process has been applied for.

In the early fall of 2005, Everett Pearson was joined by his 43-year-old son, Mark, who runs the day-to-day operations, serving as the company president. Mark had previously been with TPI Composites, heading up its boatbuilding division. The younger Pearson will focus on marketing this new product line while Everett, who, as Chairman of the Board, will continue to work on refining and simplifying the production process. .

Company Background

Both Pearsons see a major opportunity to change the way high quality piers and docks are constructed. "Not only do our pilings look better and last longer than wood or steel," comments Mark Pearson, "they are void of any harmful preservatives or coatings that leach into the water. More and more localities are prohibiting the use of these coatings, so our pilings are an attractive alternative available today."

Changing an entire industry is nothing new to Everett Pearson, as he is one of the true pioneers in the boatbuilding industry. Over 40 years ago he introduced the use of fiberglass in production boat manufacturing, forever changing the way the majority of boats are built. "If you look around the waterways today, you'll see mostly fiberglass boats, partly because they last virtually forever," adds Everett Pearson. "Someday, the same will be said about fiberglass pilings."

For more detailed product information, including technical specifications and independent engineering test reports, please contact Mark Pearson at (508) 675-0594 or visit the company's website:

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