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Pearson Pilings Begins Production of FIberglass Pilings

Pearson Pilings Begins Production of its ALL-NEW, Fiberglass Pilings

Fall River, MA (December 1, 2005) - More than 40-years ago Everett Pearson pioneered the use of fiberglass in production boatbuilding, and in doing so he helped change the marine industry forever. His new company, Pearson Pilings, LLC, may forever change the way piers and docks are designed and constructed.

Pearson Pilings, LLC, a newly formed company headquartered in Fall River, Massachusetts, has announced it is now manufacturing an innovative line of fiberglass pilings for use in high quality commercial and residential piers and docks.

The company sees an opportunity for its products where appearance, strength and extended durability are important requirements of waterfront property owners and marina operators. "Wood rots. Steel rusts. But our pilings will look just as good and perform just as well 35, 45 or 60 years from the day they are driven," comments Mark E. Pearson, company president and Everett Pearson's son.

This new technology, which allows the fiberglass structures to be driven to maximum resistance, was recently developed by Everett Pearson. By using a proprietary, three dimensional glass fabric that has exceptional shear, stiffness and strength properties, Pearson Fiberglass Pilings will better withstand the forces of Mother Nature and accidental, high impact. In fact, typical tip deflection of a 12" Pearson Fiberglass Piling is less than half that of a 12" wood piling.

Impervious to insect and marine growth damage and virtually free of any water intrusion, the life expectancy of Pearson Fiberglass Pilings will never be an issue. "When you build a new dock or pier with our pilings, you'll never have to worry about replacing them," adds Mark Pearson.

The piling's smooth, natural brown finish will never develop harmful splinters or unsightly rust. Its unique 'PET' plastic coating protects the piling from harmful UV radiation. "Once property owners see one of our pilings, they realize how much better their home dock or commercial facility will look. Our pilings truly add value to waterfront properties and marinas."

The Pearsons may have introduced their fiberglass pilings just in time, as more state and local regulations are prohibiting the use of pilings that contain harmful preservatives or coatings that may leach into the water. Pearson Fiberglass Pilings require no such preservatives or coatings to protect them from deterioration.

In some states, the use of these preservatives is already illegal. In 1996, Everett Pearson's former company, TPI Composites of Warren, Rhode Island, produced fiberglass pilings for San Diego's Port Authority as part of a test program. Validating the successful test results, these prototype pilings are in service today and were the basis for Pearson's continued research and development.

While the benefits of using Pearson Fiberglass Pilings are clear to property owners and marina operators, marine construction companies and pile drivers also benefit from this new technology. Weighing approximately one-third the weight of comparable wood pilings, Pearson Fiberglass Pilings are easier to work with on site. Less manpower is needed to transport and position the much lighter material.

In estimating the cost of specifying Pearson Fiberglass Pilings, Mark Pearson points out that the cost of pilings materials is approximately 20% of an entire project, including labor. "The incremental cost of stepping up to our pilings is marginal when the entire project cost is considered," comments Pearson. "On a long term basis, property owners will enjoy a good return on their investment."

Pearson Pilings are now available in 10", 12" and 14" diameters from 20 to 40-ft. long in 5-foot intervals. Longer lengths can be special ordered.

For more detailed information, including technical specifications and independent engineering test reports, please contact Mark Pearson at (508) 675-0594 or

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