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Pearson Pilings Appoints Florida Distributor

Fall River, MA (November 15, 2006) - Pearson Pilings, LLC, manufacturer of fiberglass pilings used in the marine industry as well as in the commercial and residential building industries, has appointed Way Marine Design, Inc. of St. Augustine as its new distributor in Florida.

Pearson's decision to appoint a distributor is the result of steadily growing sales and a significant increase of inquiries throughout the State of Florida. The company is enjoying an enthusiastic response to its use of composites in the manufacture of its 10, 12 and 14" pilings.

"Word is spreading fast about the benefits of composite pilings," comments company President, Mark Pearson. "In order to best serve our fast increasing customer base in Florida, we've chosen Way Marine Design to represent us."

Way Marine Design specializes in the development, manufacture and distribution of premium dock equipment and materials including its popular "NO PROFILE Boat Lift", an attractive, easy-to-operate hydraulic system for storing boats out of water. "We focus on high-end products that create the best looking, longest lasting docks," says Way Marine's Executive Vice President, Bobby Federer. "Pearson's new composite pilings are an excellent choice for our high quality projects and are a good fit with our premium product line."

Everett Pearson, a pioneer in the fiberglass boat building industry, recently developed this new composites technology, which allows the fiberglass pilings to be driven to maximum resistance.

By using a proprietary, three-dimensional glass fabric that has exceptional shear, stiffness and strength properties, Pearson Fiberglass Pilings will better withstand the forces of Mother Nature and accidental, high impact.

Adds Federer, "You can drive these pilings right over your old wooden ones, and they can't be attacked by the wood worms that are such a big problem in Florida. And on top of that, they're stronger than steel pilings."

Impervious to insect and marine growth damage and virtually free of any water intrusion, the life expectancy of Pearson Fiberglass Pilings will never be an issue. "When you build a new dock or pier with our pilings, you'll never have to worry about replacing them," adds Mark Pearson.

For more detailed product information, including technical specifications and independent engineering test reports, please contact Mark Pearson at (508) 675-0594 or visit the company's website: For information about Way Marine Design, please contact Bobby Federer at 800-688-1003 or visit the company's website:

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