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Everett Pearson Develops New Composite Pilings


"No Rot. No Rust. No Problem."

Pearson Pilings today announced the development of a new vacuum infused seamless fiberglass piling manufactured by an environmentally superior composite process. Pearson Pilings offers many unique advantages over competitive materials. A smooth, attractive, natural brown finish stays looking and feeling new — there are no harmful splinters or ugly rust marks. For waterfront property owners, these long-lasting aesthetics increase equity and resale value.

"Wood rots. Steel rusts. Fiberglass lasts — ask anyone in the boat building industry," said Mark Pearson, president of Pearson Pilings. "Using our innovative composites technologies, Pearson fiberglass pilings provide significant long-term value and return on investment."

The fiberglass pilings are 100% corrosion resistant, impervious to rot. They are 100% resistant to insect, borer and marine growth attack. Because the pilings are designed with UV protection, they will not fade or crack due to sun exposure. There are no coatings or preservatives required- therefore there is no leaching of harmful chemicals into the environment.

Pearson Pilings may be drilled, cut and fastened similar to wood. The fiberglass pilings are one third the weight of comparative steel pilings, making them easily handled in the field. The unique manufacturing process, which is patent pending, provides a consistent weight, diameter and straightness. Pearson fiberglass pilings are available in lengths between 20 and 40 feet, with custom lengths upon request.

About Pearson Pilings

Pearson Pilings was conceived by Everett A. Pearson, a pioneer in the composites industry. In 1957 he co-founded Pearson Yachts, one of the first companies to utilize fiberglass in production boat manufacturing. Subsequently, he helped establish Tillotson Pearson, Inc. and TPI Composites which manufactured industrial products as well as yachts.

In the fall of 2004, Everett developed an entirely new manufacturing process which would enable Pearson Pilings to build pilings with superior engineering properties, while eliminating intensive labor requirements. Pearson Pilings LLC, was formed, patents applied for, and research was started to perfect the new manufacturing process.

With the development work complete, the finished product was tested by Brown University's Mechanical Engineering Laboratory. The pilings demonstrated superior physical properties during testing, and the company is now producing fiberglass pilings in various diameters and lengths for residential piers and commercial marinas.

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