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Project Profile 2017_01
Pearson Pilings are being used as supports for David Walters' Reefmaker Wave Attenuation System. 
The Herbert C Bonner Bridge, 2.5 mile restoration, brings reef projects to the Oregon Inlet along North Carolina's Outer Banks. Read more


Project Profile 2016_04

  A verteran owned company
Owner Scott Bright has expericence as a Structural Ironworker, Commerical Diver, and Coxswain with the United States Coast Guard give him the extensive skill-set needed to provide his custmers with the best solutions for the ever-changeing and environmentally sensitive marine setting. Read more


Project Profile 2016_03

 Adds Pearson Pilings
"I want to thank Pearson Pilings for introducing South Ferry to Pearson Pilings."  Read more


Monopile Dock

Does your dock plans include traditional pilings? 
If you are planning on building a new pier and dock, consider the Pearson Monopile design. Read more


 Driving News: How they are driven
Interview with Brendan Lund, owner of Borden Light Marine Construction Read more


Pearson Pilings Unique Applications

Explore out of the box designs
The superior strength and long-term durability of Pearson Fiberglass Pilings make them the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications. Read more


Pearson Pilings Teams Up with Seaport Construction

  Highlighting Seaport Construction CT 
Seaport Construction, LLC is a coastal Connecticut, locally owned business with over 20 years expericence in the marine construction industry. Read more


Pearson Pilings are used for House Foundations

Does your house plans include pilings?

Pearson Pilings lends a hand with Home Foundations.  Why build a house using our pilings?  Read more 


Pearson Pilings supports Boat Lifts

Need a lift with your boat?

Pearson Pilings lends a hand with boat lifts.  Why build a bpat lift supported by our piling? Read more.


Pearson Pilings All Composite Docks 

Who doesn't want their dock to last a life time?!
Don't waste your money having a new dock or home built with material that deteriorates the moment it hits the water.  Pearson Composite Pilings look better, last longer, and are stronger than wood or steel- and they're enviromentally safe! Read more


Wave Attenuation System  Yellow River, MA 

Shorelines are constantly being washed away
Eroding shorelines can now be prevented by installing an Eco-System Wave Attenuator System developed by Reefmaker utilizing Pearson Pilings. Read more


Pearson Pilings Well Pump Covers  Somerset, MA 

Do you have an unsightly well pump in your yards?
Pearson Pilings has a solution!  Our well pump covers are designed to conceal your well pump while still giving you easy access. Read more


 Interviews Mark Pearson on Foundations 

Expert Tips on Foundation Repairs and Replacement: An Interview with Mark Pearson of Pearson Pilings  Read more.


Pearson Pilings Project Profile 2014_02

South America Fishing Pier
Pearson Pilings and Bedford Reinforced Plastics joined forces to design and supply an all fiberglass commercial pier in South America.  Read more.


Atlantis Marina Rebuilds Its Docks With Pearson Pilings

The world class Atlantis Marina on Paradise Island, Bahamas has recently replaced all 400 of its greenheart, Brazilian hardwood pilings with Pearson Fiberglass Pilings. The long term investment will virtually eliminate the cost of replacing pilings again. Read more.


New State-of-the-Art Launching Facility!

Falls Township, PA An all-new, public access boat ramp and 2500-feet of floating docks were built at Quaker Penn Park, located 20-miles north of Philadelphia. The project was designed so all floating docks moved with the 8-foot tides. Committed to using sustainable materials, the township specified Pearson Fiberglass Pilings to secure the floating docks. Read full story


Low Impact Wetlands Project

Hatboro-Horsham School District, PA The Jarrett Nature Center, located near Philadelphia, has created an environmentally friendly walkway for students to access sensitive ecosystems. Pearson Fiberglass Pilings were specified to support the 50-foot walkway into the wetlands. Read full story


Miami's Sunset Harbor Marina Goes Green With Pearson Pilings!

MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – A Miami Beach marina is trying to set a high standard when it comes to the environment. They are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to go green with improvements they say can be beneficial for all of us.  View the video & Read full story


Boat Digest Magazine Feature Story
Boat Digest Magazine Feature Story Fall River, MA (September 12, 2007) - "Hey, if I buy some resin and glass, do you want to try making a boat with it?"... Read full story >>


Pearson Fiberglass Pilings Specified For Above-Grade Foundation
Pearson Fiberglass Pilings Specified For Above-Grade Foundation Fall River, MA (April 15, 2007) - These fiberglass pilings are environmentallyfriendly because they contain no harmful chemical preservatives that can leach into the surrounding earth or water... Read full story >>


Pearson Pilings Develops Eco-Friendly Monopile Pier Design
Pearson Pilings Develops Eco-Friendly Monopile Pier Design Fall River, MA (December 20, 2006) - Pearson Pilings, LLC, manufacturer of fiberglass pilings for the marine industry as well as the commercial and residential building industries, has developed... Read full story >>


Pearson Pilings Appoints Florida Distributor
Fall River, MA (November 15, 2006) - Pearson Pilings, LLC, manufacturer of fiberglass pilings used in the marine industry as well as in the commercial and residential building industries, has appointed Way Marine Design, Inc. of St. Augustine as its new dealer... Read full story >>


Providence Journal - Pearson family pioneers new use of fiberglass
FALL RIVER -- The first family of fiberglass is breaking new ground in the marine industry as they apply their manufacturing expertise to dock building.... Read full story >>


Pearson Pilings, LLC Opens for Business
Pearson Pilings, LLC is the latest brainchild of composites pioneer, Everett Pearson. Formed in December of 2004 ... Read full story >>


Pearson Pilings Begins Production of FIberglass Pilings
Pearson Pilings, LLC, a newly formed company headquartered in Fall River, Massachusetts, has announced it is now manufacturing ... Read full story >>


Everett Pearson Develops New Composite Pilings
Pearson Pilings today announced the development of a new vacuum infused seamless fiberglass piling ... Read full story >>