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Please check out our Material Safety Data Sheet to see our specifications.

Pearson Pilings, LLC is dedicated to the use of environmentally green, sustainable and efficient building materials. We believe that technology has finally caught up with people’s aspirations to create positive environmental impact, not negative environmental impact. Pearson Pilings manufactures an environmentally friendly, sustainable, structural fiberglass piling that is utilized in many different areas of construction including marinas, docks & boat houses, boat lifts, artificial reefs, reef markers, building foundations, and telephone poles. We fully support the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System and encourage our customers to design projects using sustainable green building and development practices.

Beyond the physical makeup of our piling being “Green”, there are numerous examples of how using Pearson Pilings reduces environmental impact DURING & AFTER construction too. For instance, because Pearson Pilings are very lightweight, this allows for more pilings to be put on a barge for mobilization vs. multiple trips back and forth to staging areas using heavy wood or concrete pilings. This also saves time and money! Also, with Pearson Pilings being a lifetime piling, a contractor and barge will only enter the job site once, not 3 or 4 or 5 times to replace depreciated pilings. These kinds of efforts are the ones that will help to ensure natural environments are preserved.

Pearson Pilings Helping To Lead the Clean Waterfront Movement:

Reviewed by Tech Blue

Waterfront developments are, more than any other building sites, extremely “site specific”.

The successful history of Clean Water and Clean Marina programs is evidence that the marina industry and waterfront professionals can lead efforts to maintain an Eco-balance on local waterways.

We believe we can continue to improve the quality of our waterfront destinations, while protecting (and in most cases improving) clean water and other natural resources.

Our commitments to Clean Water and Clean Marina programs are matched by overall holistic efforts to keep local waterways accessible and environmentally sustainable ---- and, we believe continued research, partnerships, monitoring and dialog with waterfront communities at large will enhance these efforts.

Pearson Pilings is involved with the Tech Blue Center and The Tech Blue Center is a Product Development Incubator for environmentally friendly waterfront construction materials. is an independent, interdisciplinary resource for marine construction.

Together with these initiatives, Pearson Pilings is playing a role in “Blue” Green Development - this is environmentally friendly development practices along the water. Utilizing positive environmental development practices leads to the ability to possibly obtain grant funding from private foundations, government departments, and private individuals that have put funds together to further push the Green Movement. Pearson Pilings is currently involved with developers, harbor masters, and community boards, putting together packages for grants to fund the development of projects that utilize Pearson Pilings and will begin to set the trend for Clean Marina + and a better standard for the future.

Please contact Robert Federer, Southeast Regional Sales for Pearson Pilings for more information.

Green Building Trade Show Involvement
Green Coast Conference & Green Expo 2008 -

MiaGreen 2009 - The Miami Green Expo &Conference! -


Funding Green Buildings Workshop - NE Florida Waterfront - 2009


Southeast Building Conference / Green Trends 2008; Co-Sponsored by the Florida Green Building Coalition -

Artificial Reef Ecosystems
Pearson Pilings have been selected by David Walter’s company Reefmaker as the piling of choice to anchor his artificial reef ecosystems. This decision was due to the fact that Pearson Pilings are environmentally green / sustainable and do not leach any chemicals, which in turn does not prevent fish and marina life from flourishing on the reefs. Pearson Pilings were also the only piling strong enough with zero environmental impact to withstand the working loads of underwater currents.