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Pearson Fiberglass Composite Pilings can be installed using a variety of methods and equipment. Because of their lighter weight, they are easier to handle and install than wood, steel or concrete pilings. They are also easily cut, drilled and fastened.


  • Available in 8", 10", 12", 14" and 16" diameters
  • Available in 20' to 40' lengths in increments of 5' which helps eliminate costly waste of materials.
  • Longer lengths are available. We are able to splice pilings to meet your needs.


  • Lighter than wood, steel or concrete - transportation, handling, and installation are much easier and less costly.
  • Pilings can often be handled by two people.
  • Pilings can be more easily brought to job sites where access is limited.


  • Our pilings are packaged on cradles with carpet to prevent scratching of PPT surface
  • Pilings are shipped on flatbed trucks


  • Pearson Composite Pilings are strong enough to be driven to the highest level of resistance by a variety of methods.
  • Pearson Pilings are hollow, allowing them to be installed over existing pilings, reducing the need to remove old pilings, saving labor and disposal costs.
  • Our Pilings are easily drilled, cut, and fastened.


  • Various hardware accessories such as floor beam attachments and rub rails are available upon request.

To see examples of installation methods including various hardware and attachment systems, please see our Photo Gallery.

View our shipping, installation and hardware guides: