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Pearson Pilings - Driven to Last

Piling Specifications, Test Data and Installation Guideline

Today, more and more structural engineers, architects and contractors are specifying Pearson Composite Fiberglass Pilings for their projects as they become familiar with the many features and benefits of our innovative products.

Pearson Pilings are stronger and more durable than traditional piling material, and they are environmentally friendly. Most important, Pearson Pilings are often easier to work with and install because they are lighter than wood, steel or concrete, and they can be easily cut, drilled and fastened.

Best of all, Pearson works closely with engineers, architects and contractors to ensure the success of their projects. Our fiberglass composite pilings have undergone extensive, independent testing, and we are happy to share this data with our customers. We are also available to contractors to help guide them with the proper methods for installation.

Pearson Pilings are on the Florida and The City of New Orleans Qualified Products Lists (QPL) and approved by the Texas DOT. 

By specifying Pearson Composite Fiberglass Pilings, you will give your company an advantage over your competition and position yourself as a leader in your field.