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Pearson Pilings - Driven to Last

Testimonials for Pearson Pilings

  "The job went very well. We've had previous experience working with Pearson's fiberglass pilings on an existing ferry dock in Martha's Vineyard, where we drove them over existing wood pilings to save demolition costs."
- Jeff Linberg, President of Linberg Marine

"I want to thank you for introducing South Ferry to Pearson Pilings.  South Ferry has been in business since the late 1700's.  We have used almost exclusively wood for our dock piling for over 200 years.  You have changed everything.
After nearly seven years of testing the prototype Pearson system we have concluded that they are great!  After thousands of landings with our 101' ferries, that have a dead weight often exceeding 200 tons, the piling are as good as the day we installed them. That same location using oak piling usually lasted 2 - 4 years before breakage required replacement.  Your 12" fiberglass pilings with the plastic rub surfaces just keep taking a beating without showing ANY signs of damage.
My captains love the way they gently absorb the energy when the boats impact them, as opposed to the harsh impact of wood. The attached pictures show the additional 60 feet of piling we added last month.  Pearson Pilings are the future for South Ferry!
Thank you again for introducing us to this amazing product.  If you ever have a potential customer who wants to speak to me or to come see them in action, do not hesitate to let me know and they will be welcome."
 Cliff, Owner of South Ferry, Inc.