No Rot. No Rust. No Problem.
Pearson Pilings - Driven to Last

Pilings for Marinas, Piers, Docks, Bridges & More

New marinas and docks, fishing piers, municipal bulkheads and bridges demand the strongest, most durable pilings available. Pearson Fiberglass Composite Pilings are stronger than wood, steel or concrete and last virtually forever. They require no maintenance and will rarely need to be replaced even after several years of hard use. Demolition and removal of old pilings may also be avoided by installing Pearson Pilings over existing ones.

The unique properties of fiberglass composite pilings make them an ideal building material for a wide variety of applications where superior strength and durability are required. From artificial reefs to elephant retaining walls, from bridge fendering systems to commercial building foundations, engineers and architects are finding new and unusual applications for Pearson Fiberglass Composite Pilings every day.

Best of all, Pearson Pilings are environmentally friendly. If you're building "Green," you'll want to specify only Pearson Fiberglass Composite Pilings.