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About Pearson Pilings


Everett Pearson and Mark Pearson

Pearson Pilings was a brainchild of Everett A. Pearson, a pioneer in the composites industry and recipient of the 2002 Lifetime Achievement Award from the Composites Fabricators Association. Formed in 2004 and headquartered Somerset, Massachusetts, this family owned and operated company manufactures fiberglass composite pilings for a wide number of commercial and residential applications.


The company is owned by Mark Pearson, who has also made his career in the composites industry. Under his guidance the company has grown to be the leading supplier of composite pilings for the marine construction industry, and its products are becoming the material of choice for building foundations on waterfront and flood plane properties.


A Brief History of Lasting Achievements

1957-1966. Pearson Yachts was started in the basement of an old textile plant in Bristol, R.I. Everett began building dinghies using fiberglass, a new, revolutionary material. Tireless experimentation and innovative approaches to laying up this new material lead to the introduction of the 28-foot Triton sailboat, designed by Carl Alberg. This new boat was a sensational success during the 1959 New York Boat Show, and the rest, it can be said, is history. Pearson Yachts became a division of Grumman Allied Industries in 1964, and in 1966, Pearson left the company to follow his creative, entrepreneurial instincts.


1966-1992. Agreeing to stay out of the boatbuilding business for three years, Everett Pearson continued his innovative work with composites, building chemical storage tanks and forming a partnership with Neil Tillotson, a former latex and real estate magnate. Eventually, Tillotson-Pearson Inc. (TPI) began building boats again, and over the years it built Freedom sailboats, J-Boats, Rampage sportfish boats, Lagoon catamarans, Sundeer sailboats and Alerion Express sailboats.


TPI’s innovavtive construction techniques also lead to a number of successes outside the boatbuilding industry including the manufacturing of SwimEx swim spa lap pools, wind-turbine blades for Kenetech Windpower, people movers for United Technologies and rides for Disney World. During these years Pearson also developed a prototype design for fiberglass pilings, which were produced for San Diego’s Port Authority as part of a successful test program. These pilings are in service today, validating Pearson’s revolutionary concept.

In the 1990s, Pearson entered into a licensing agreement with Bill Seeman to refine and promote the patented Seeman Composites Resin Infusion Molding Process (SCRIMP®). This resin transfer molding process uses a vacuum to pull liquid resin into the lay-up resulting in lighter, stronger and more consistent components. Equally important, it prevents the evaporation of the resin’s volatile components into the atmosphere.


A pioneer in the use of the SCRIMP® process, Pearson continued to improve upon it as he built some of the world’s finest yachts and most innovative industrial products for the transportation and energy industries.


1992-2004. Again, Pearson showed his independent spirit, striking out on his own and buying the SwimEx company, one of the leading manufacturers of fiberglass swim spa pools for home, sports and physical therapy applications. While continuing to build the SwimEx business, in 1999 he bought back the rights to the Pearson Yachts name, and together with Mark, who was still working at TPI, introduced the True North 38, a fast, fun family cruising boat. Built by TPI under Mark’s watchful eye, the boat was an immediate success, and a smaller True North 33 soon followed. Eventually, a new management team was put in place by the owner who had bought Tillotson’s interest in TPI years before. Mark eventually followed in Everett’s footsteps, leaving TPI to join him in a new, exciting start-up.


2004-2014 Enjoying the successful growth of the SwimEx business but still intrigued by the potential of his earlier work with fiberglass pilings, Everett formed Pearson Pilings. After embarking on an ambitious R & D program, he set up manufacturing within the SwimEx factory, and in 2005 Mark joined him. 

2014-Present. Mark purchased Pearson Pilings from Everett and two other investors.  He then moved the business to Somerset, Massachusetts in January 2015.  Today, Mark is the company owner and has guided the company to a position of leadership in providing composite pilings for the marine construction industry as well as the residential and commercial building industry.