PEARSON FIBERGLASS COMPOSITE PILINGS are today’s preferred building material for waterfront foundations, docks, piers and bridges. Our composite pilings are stronger than wood, steel or concrete pilings, and because they will not rust, rot or crumble, they will last virtually forever. Containing no chemical preservatives that leach into the water, our sustainable fiberglass composite pilings are environmentally friendly and are the choice of “green” developers of clean marinas and waterfront properties.


Unique Applications
The superior strength and long-term durability of Pearson Fiberglass Pilings make them the ideal choice for a wide variety of applications. Read more

All Composite Docks
Who doesn't want their dock to last a life time?!
Don't waste your money having a new dock or home built with material that deteriorates the moment it hits the water.  Pearson Composite Pilings look better, last longer, and are stronger than wood or steel- and they're enviromentally safe! Read more.